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You just need to book packet over the portal, that’s it. After it from pickup to delivery of the packet ParcelAce will take care.

Understand the importance of time, ParcelAce offers dedicated one to one support over the call, message and email.

ParcelAce offers the customized logistics solutions as per the client, any customization can be done as per the requirement.

ParcelAce offers the daily shipment report over email to all stakeholders providing the in detailed daily status of the packets.

ParcelAce doesn’t charges any sort of the volumetric weight mismatch increasing in the profitability.

ParcelAce shares the bi-monthly and monthly management analytics report, stating the issues leading to inefficiency and scope of improvement.

ParcelAce shares the real-time tracking updates to both sender and receiver over the what’s app to keep them informed.

Turbo Charge Your Business Growth

Don't let your visitor go away

  • Send Abandonment cart notification over SMs, What's APP and email.
  • Generate discount codes Automatically.
  • Create Your Own Customer Abandonment Cart Custom Rule.

Instant order Notification

  • Send instant order notification from store over SMS, What’s app.
  • Make your own custom message.
  • Automated what's App Message.

Flag your high risky order

  • Flags high risky order even before the orders are dispatched, analysing over 100+ Parameters.
  • Makes your own custom COD flagging Rule.
  • Block order from city, state, email, phone number or on IP Address.

Confirm COD order, Before your ship

  • COD confirmation over SMs, what's APP and call.
  • Automated 3 layer of COD verification from call to SMS.
  • Real-time notification on acceptance / decline.

Enriched shipping Experience

  • Real-time tracking updates over SMS, Whats APP and email.
  • Branded tracking Page with customisation available.
  • Measure your store NPS.

NDR Updates by Customer

  • NDR confirmation from Customer over what’s app and call.
  • Real-time updates at dashboard.
  • No changes on Fake RTO.

Manage Exchange and Return

  • One-click return or exchange request - Directly from tracking URL.
  • Automated return and exchange based on the custom rules.
  • Instant Refund by discount code or UPI.

COD Remittance twice a week.

  • Supercharge your Business growth with COD twice a week.
  • No Extra Charges for Early COD.
  • No minimum business commitment.

Increase Your profitability By

  • Reduced Fake Customer COD Orders.
  • No Charges on Fake RTO.
  • No volumetric weight mismatch.

Analyse your data like a Data scientist

  • Best store data and analytics
  • Product Analytics, and Geographic Analytics.
  • Courier Partner efficiency Report.

ParcelAce integrates
easily with your store

ParcelAce AI-powered dashboard is highly compatible with most e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. It is also integrable with custom websites and offers rest APIs.

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ParcelAce integrates
easily with your store

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