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  1. These Conditions apply to the carriage of Packages/Shipments in, from and between selected cities, states in India and countries across the globe where the services of (under SEISO Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd.) are available.
  2. The carriage by air of an International Shipment (Between two nations) may be subject to various International Treaties which are in place as of date, also depending upon any bilateral or multilateral International Treaties, the ‘Shipping Nation’ and the ‘Consignee Nation’ are signatories to. Such International Shipments may be subject to the Warsaw Convention of October 12, 1929, as amended by the Hague Protocol of September 28, 1955 and all subsequent applicable Protocols, the Montreal Convention of May 28, 1999 and all subsequent applicable Protocols, as well as the Guadalajara Convention of September 18, 1961.
  3. Shipments transported partly or solely by road - by explicit agreement or otherwise - in, to or from a country which is party to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, as amended, are subject to the terms and conditions thereof. Shipments carried from and between specified locations within one country are subject to the mandatory rules provided by the laws of that country.
  4. These Conditions supersede all previous published terms and conditions (if any) of service to which these Conditions apply.
  5. reserves the right to unilaterally modify, amend, change or supplement these Conditions without notice. These Conditions are published in printed form and electronically at
  6. These Conditions shall not be overridden or varied or added to except by express agreement in writing between the Sender and a representative of having the express written authority to do so. The Sender shall be bound by the signature of any of its employees, servants and agents on the bill/receipt.




  1. ‘Conditions’ shall mean these Conditions of Carriage of packages and shipments which shall also include those agreements, laws and conventions expressly referred to herein and as updated by from time to time.
  2. ‘’ means, the facilitator through the online portal, the marketing brand SEISO Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd. including any mobile or web based application of for rending its services.
  3. ‘User’ is either the sender or receiver of goods who makes the booking with at any of its platforms.
  4. ‘Express and Surface Couriers’ means the different modes of provision of courier service by SEISO Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd. in association with its delivery partners.
  5. ‘Sender/Shipper’ means the person (natural or legal) whose name is listed on the bill/ receipt so generated, as the sender.
  6. ‘Recipient/Consignee’ means the person (natural or legal) whose name is listed on the bill/ receipt so generated, as the recipient.
  7. ‘Package’ means any single parcel or piece that is accepted by for delivery.
  8. ‘Shipment’ means one or more pieces, either Packages or freight, moving on a single bill/receipt.
  9. ‘Bill/receipt’ means any shipping document, manifest, label, stamp, electronic entry or similar item used in the transportation system.
  10. ‘Business Day’ means any day on which businesses in the country or region of shipment or in the country or region of destination are open for business. Business days and holidays may vary by country or region of destination.
  11. ‘Charges’ mean Transportation Charges and any other charges or surcharges assessed for or levied in respect of transportation of a Shipment pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to Ancillary Charges, declared value charges, special handling fees and other surcharges detailed in these Conditions or any updated Conditions and, if and where applicable, customs duties and taxes and other costs reasonably incurred by relating to transport of a Shipment.
  12. ‘Transportation Charges’ means the fees, charges and amounts assessed or levied for movement of a Shipment by in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or any conditions or fees subsequently imposed.
  13. ‘Declared Value for Shipment’ means that value, if any, indicated by the Sender on the bill/receipt, in case of an insured delivery of packages/shipments, constituting the maximum amount liability of in connection with its delivery.
  14. ‘Declared Value for Customs’ means the selling price or replacement cost of the Shipment’s contents as required for customs clearance purposes.
  15. ‘Delivery Time’ means the published delivery commitment for the services or the delivery commitment quoted by Customer Service for that Shipment which takes into account the commodity being shipped, date of shipment, destination, weight of the Shipment and value of the Shipment. The Delivery time is an expected and not an exact commitment of the delivery of a package/shipment.