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  1. Rates and service quotations by employees and agents of will be based upon information provided by the Sender but final rates and service may vary based upon the Package/Shipment actually tendered and the application of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. is not liable for, nor will any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind be made, as a result of any discrepancy in any rate or service quotation made prior to the tender of the Shipment and the rates, and other Charges invoiced to the customer.
  3. Pickup and delivery data are tentative dates provided by the courier partner, they might get changed because of operational activities / issues.
  4. Rates applied shall be those rates applicable and in force at the time that the contract of carriage is made.
  5. If a user cancels packet irrespective of pickup of shipment / booking has been attempted by courier partner or not, still has the right to deduct / charge the cancellation fee up to 70% of the courier cost paid to by the user.
  6. The following is a List for different rates of delivery by and its associated delivery partners:
  7. In case of an underweighted package/shipment wherein the payment has been wrongly done by the user, a fine of Rs.50/day shall be applicable from 3 days after the user has been intimated the actual weight and cost of shipment by any agent of till actual date of payment.
  8. reserves the right to recovery of the said amount along with fine after a period of 30 days and upon serving a legal notice on the user for wrongful payments, by approaching appropriate forum under law.
  9. In case where the user fails to make the payment of the amount raised by in the invoices, the user shall be liable for a fine of Rs.50/day after 05 days from the date of the invoice.
  10. reserves the right to recovery of the said amount along with fine after a period of 30 days and upon serving a legal notice on the user for no payment, by approaching appropriate forum under law.


  1. reserves the right to require payment of any Charges in advance for delivery of any package or shipment as provided for in accordance with the Conditions.
  2. Invoices raised for any unpaid Charges are payable without discount within 05 days of the invoice date. Any failure on the part the User to pay the Delivery charges raised in the invoices by shall make them liable for a fine of Rs.50/day.
  3. Notwithstanding any payment instructions or provisions to the contrary, the user shall always remain ultimately liable for the charges including any duties and taxes, if any.
  4. In mode of cancellation, the user will get a refund in his original payment method / mode in 10-15 working days. 




  1. shall audit each bill/receipt to verify service selected and Package/Shipment weight. If the service selected or weight entered is incorrect, may make appropriate corrections to the bill/receipt and appropriate adjustments to the invoice at any time and will be entitled to charge a fine as mentioned in the RATES category.
  2. Charges shall be assessed by based on the Volumetric or Dimensional weight. Volumetric weight is determined by multiplying a Package’s length x height x width (all in centimetres) and dividing by 4500.


reserves the right to refuse, reject, hold, cancel, postpone or return any Shipment at any time if such Shipment would in the opinion of be likely to cause damage or delay to other Shipments, goods or persons, or the carriage of which is prohibited by law (Listed in the Dangerous and Restricted Goods Category) or is in violation of any of these Terms and Conditions. The fact that accepts to deliver a package or Shipment does not mean that such Shipment conforms to applicable laws and regulations or to the present Conditions.